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Puller With Direct-Driving Computerized 直驅式電子平車拖輪


Made in Taiwan




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Feature :

電子拖輪優點 Advantage of Computerized puller:


  • 搭配直驅馬達,比傳統拖輪效率高更智能化 With direct drive motor, more intelligent than traditional puller
  • 計算精細編碼器,比傳統拖輪精度高 Computational fine encoder, more higher precision than traditional puller.
  • 與針車完全同步 Synchronized with sewing machine
  • 自動抬放拖布輪,針車一停拖輪自動抬起,傳統式需踩踏板方能抬起拖輪 Automatic lift put puller machine, When the sewing machine stops, computerized puller is automatically lifted. Traditional puller needs to step on the pedal to lift the puller.
  • 針距0.1mm-10mm ,傳統拖輪針距1mm-6mm,比傳統拖輪精細準確 Stitch size : 0.1mm -10mm, traditional puller 1mm-6mm, more accurate than traditional puller
  • 面板操控:只需按下+-符號即可操控速度,傳統拖輪以旋鈕調整速度 Panel manipulation: Press the +- symbol to control the speed, the traditional puller adjusts the speed with the knob
  • 倒針自動同步(拖輪反轉),傳統式拖輪只能抬起不能同步倒針 Automatic release puller, traditional puller can't do it.
  • 防皺,性價值高 Anti-wrinkle, An absolute bargain
  • 體積小,安裝方便, 比傳統拖輪重量輕 More lighter and smaller than traditional puller.
  • 適用電腦單針,雙針,長臂縫紉機,及備有回針電磁鐵或有壓布腳電動提昇電磁閥皆可安裝,不需另外的移位組,比傳統拖輪兼容性更好 Suitable for all kinds of computer single, twin needle, long arm sewing machine
  • 可用於備有回針電磁鐵或有壓布腳電動提昇電磁閥皆可安裝,不需另外的移位組,比傳統拖輪兼容性更好 Suitable for Reverse solenoid is at back of machine and the Foot lift solenoid is located on the back of the machine, don’t need to use the relocation set, compared with traditional puller is more compatibility
  • 模板在服裝生產製造中越來越普及,電子拖輪可解決了因為手工推動的力度不均引起縫線不平整,造成產品不美觀的問題 Templates in the garment manufacturing more and more popular, electronic tugs can solve the problem of uneven stitching caused by the uneven force of hand-pushing, resulting in the product is not beautiful problems


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